Visit of Mexico’s Largest Artificial Leather Dealer

March 16, 2016, two Mexican heavyweight customers of multinational Company came to visit our company and negotiate the business. President Mr. Zhang, foreign trade manager, Production director and technical staff received them warmly. We guided the customers to visit factory production line, packing line, the new warehouse. They are very impressed with our production environment, automation equipment, very satisfied with the product quality and price, trial order has been signed. They promised that if the first purchase is with satisfaction, a large number of long-term cooperation will be established between two companies. Before the visit, they had suppliers in India, but product quality is not good, tensile strength is not enough, it is easy to break by force and they suffered many customer complaints. So they intend to find new suppliers, our company is currently to be their first Chinese supplier. Boer works with high quality and low price and excellent service to keep satisfaction of every customer. Therefore, in order to radiate vitality, daily production is in full swing, and in short supply. The company's second and third plant are under construction , prepared to double the current production quantity by the end of 2016, the daily production capacity will be increased to 400,000 meters , to meet growing market demand.


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